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Can the running balance run in the same direction as the sort order?

Can you please fix the running balance so that it runs in the same direction as the sort order? For example; newest transactions are at the top, and the running balance runs up the list, except when there are more than one transaction for a given date. Then for that date it runs down the list. Very confusing!

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Sorry about this! It's a bug and it'll be fixed in MoneyWiz 2.0.4 (already available for iOS).

Or at least introduces a field " nr . Operation" I know you can even manage the order of transactions During the same day


How long do we have to wait for the Mac version? syncing from Mac entries which are backwards to iDevices still mucks up the lot. 


Mac version has been already submitted for Apple to review and it's in the review queue. We do not have any estimates how long it'll take for it to be approved but we hope it won't be too long now!

Thanks, that's fantastic!
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