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Link on Dashboard

It would be helpful if the accounts/scheduled transactions listed on the Dashboard could be links so that when they are clicked that particular account or scheduled transaction would be opened or at least you are taken to the scheduled transactions page.

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The dashboard in general is a great idea, but currently not very useful. Too many lines of small text/numbers. Give us some prettier widgets, some graphing widgets etc - basically, we should be able to use the same options as the reports function to create widgets for the dashboard that update themselves. A dashboard needs to be an 'at a glance' view of information.

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Ben nails it on the head again.  You almost wish they would take a few of us users and form a committee that the development team could consult with to improve the app and make it user friendly.

Hi Hank,

On iOS, the transactions are selectable... we'll soon add it to the Mac too. As for more widgets - it's on our roadmap to add more widgets, such as visualizing saved reports etc...

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it's been 2 years, but there are only 4 widgets in my dashboard. 

Hi Nick,

We plan major improvements (and new widgets) to the Dashboard in MoneyWiz 3.

just curious that would i have to subscribe MW3 in next year? cuz i just subscribed for a year for MW2. 

No, the subscription transfers over... as long as you have an active subscription MoneyWiz 3 is free once we release it.

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