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WARNING!! Editing memorized Payee list deletes payees from transactions!!

I spent an hour today cleaning up our list of memorized payees (from the Preferences>Payees menu). Immediately following, SYNCbits updated on the Macintosh but would not update on our other devices or PCs. I opened a ticket but after no response for 4 hours, I tried SYNCbits again. 

After a 30 minute sync, MW appeared to update across all devices.

That's when we discovered that all the payees I'd deleted were removed from our actual transactions, not the memorized list. (Some were deleted from both.)

Given that we've got >1 year of transactions on several business accounts, this has wreaked havoc on our accounting (and ultimately our tax) situation.

ANY solutions or help would be much appreciated. I've opened another ticket but have not heard from Support all day.


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Is there a device where you haven't opened MoneyWiz and this hasn't synced to it or use backup on Mac or Time machine?

Deleting payees from Settings > Payees deletes the Payees. This is why you cannot delete them from the list of auto-completers like the description for instance.