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Mac interface

Great app, but the interface on the Mac OS X version is really oversized. Could we have an option to reduce the text size and the height of the rows in the sidebar (showing accounts, budget etc) so that I can view more information on the screen? Design looks really good but a bit clunky due to the size of everything. iOS app is perfectly formatted for the screen. Thanks for the hard work. Nick

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Noted. We'll address this in MoneyWiz 3. We're planning a lot of design improvements for MoneyWiz 3.

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Macbook Pro 13.3" Retina - 2560 x 1600 no scaling. Can email you a screenshot if you want (?address)


Hi I'm wondering if this is still under consideration as it's been about a year since it's been requested?  The font size of the app is ginormous compared to the other apps that I use.  And using it on a laptop with a 13" screen makes it difficult to use.  If there is still a consideration for this, please make it a higher priority.

Hi. It is but I can't say for sure when it will be ready. Chances are - in MoneyWiz 3 next year.

Thanks, noted! Added it to our to-do list for a future update.

I hope the large font size remains an option, it's the main reason I purchased MoneyWiz for Mac.


Retina LCD 15" - 2880x1800


I have this feature request also. The fonts used in the MoneyWiz interface are obnoxiously huge. There should be an option to reduce them.

I confirm the above critic for the Mac app.


Thank you for your feedback. Can you please let us know on what monitor are you using it? I just want to look at it the way you see it... so most of all I am interested in:

* Is this a retina display?

* What's the resolution?
* Scaling mode (if retina)


Macbook Pro 15" Retina LCD - 2880 x 1800 No scaling.

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