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Support for multiple currencies when importing .ofx files

I have a number of credit card transactions in foreign currencies. As far as I can tell, my bank’s .ofx files are properly annotated with <CURRENCY>, but MoneyWiz seems to completely ignore this, and imports all statements as if they were in my local currency.

I wish there was another importing step when one or more foreign currencies are detected, asking for their conversion rates.

Hi Daniel,

The way MoneyWiz does import is that you first need to select in which account(s) you want to import. Then, transactions are imported in the currency of the selected account(s), which is the correct behavior.

Please, consider fixing the currencies of your MoneyWiz accounts where you are importing.

Ilya, in this case I’m really talking about multiple currencies. For example, I use the same credit card for local purchases and for Kickstarter, which is always in USD. My bank marks each transaction with the proper currency, and tells me on the statement what is the conversion rate for each of these currencies (I don’t think this rate is included in the .ofx file, though).

Since MoneyWiz already includes excellent support for multiple currencies when editing transactions by hand, this seemed like a natural feature to have.

Hi Daniel,

So, the transactions are always re-valued in the currency of your account, it seems we both agree on that. Do you mean that what you want is that you can still see the original currency when you edit the transaction, even though it's irrelevant in terms of accounting (because the relevant currency is the one you are actually charged and that depends on the currency of the account).

Indeed, the simplest solution is to just keep everything in my local currency (well, apart from the fact that my .ofx file includes only the original-currency amount). The end result in terms of balance would be the same. But since MoneyWiz does have support for individual transactions in different currencies, it’d be awfully nice to have that in action here.

Thanks Daniel.

I am logging this to the dev team for future consideration. In the meantime the priority of implementation would also depend on the number of up-votes this feature gets.


Our dev team just informed me that to do this we'll need a sample OFX file with multi-currency transactions...

Would you be able to send us a sample at and refer to this post, so the support team knows what this is about?


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