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Crashing when modify an existing transaction

MW 2.0.3 (build 17) 

If I try modify an existing transaction MW is crashed

2 people have this problem


Did you get help on this, perhaps you wrote to already. 

There is no general issue with this, so there must be something specific. Does it happen for any transaction or for some specific one(s)?

I find that if I start using delete to change the cents on a transaction. To avoid it crashing Into have to over type the whole number.

I've found that on iOS, the backspace/delete key on third party keyboards and the calculator keypad crashes MW2. Switching from third party keyboards causes bad things as well.


I didn't get help on this yet. The only specific thing is that MW is crashed If try to modify amount in transaction. It happen for any transaction, but last two days it works fine and I don't know what I did to fix it. As I remember I remove a memo field from transaction layout. Also previously I had a "," symbol on keyboard in transaction window, but I haven't it now! Do you write any log when MW is crashed?

Yes, there should be a crash log. However, do you use any custom keyboards? Currently do you use the Numpad or the Calculator (if you use our keyboards) to modify the amount? What is the currency of your account? 

I've never use any custom keyboard. I've used a Numpad to modify the amount. The currency is RUR. Maybe there is a conflict with other apps?


Very interesting. Could you please send us a screen shot of your keyboard to Also we will provide you with additional instructions how to extract a crash log. Look forward to your reply.