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Informational iOS Notification Center plugin


I found the MW2 has plugin for Notification Center, which allows add Income or Expense. But it is not practical to make transactions from locked iPhone, it is nice shortcut, but anyway. I have an idea for you to make another plugin (if possible) to publish content of of the configured Dashboard Widgets to quickly see accounts balance. Or to see budgets. Etc. I really prefer to use Notification Center on locked iPhone to quickly see some info instead of run application.


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Yup this is definitely coming but in MoneyWiz 3 where we'll make a redesign to allow to fit all this info properly without confusion which balance is which.

It would be very handy to see my account balances at a glance - both cleared and non-cleared as I think there would be space.

Hi Ales,

We will be adding more today extensions. It will be good to receive more feedback of what people want to have.

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