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Monthly credit limit in Credit Card Account

Hi, I just bought the app and it seems really good.

Unfortunately, when opening a Credit Card account, it is only possible to select a maximum credit limit (i.e. 1000 €) una tantum, while the majority of credit cards have a monthly credit limit. For this reason, in the sidebar I see only a negative money balance (of course, it's a credit account), while the monthly money left or the monthly expenses would be a much more useful information.

Thanks and keep improving the App :)

Hi Luca,

I am confused...  is the credit limit different each month for you?

No, but since I added also my past transaction (1 year of history) by importing a .csv file, setting the limit of 1500€ would only decreases the total credit (i.e. -6000€ in 1 year) by the monthly limit of the current month, ending up in, for example, -6000€ of credit in 1 year + 1500€ on credit left for the current month = -4500€.

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