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Scheduled Transactions editing behaviour

When editing a scheduled transaction series, it should reflect the situation at the next transaction instance and into the future.

Current behaviour is that it shows how the series was configured first, which is historical and becomes confusing. Any instances of the series that occur in the past should be recorded in an account register and so are no longer relevant to a future looking scheduling tool.

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Has this been done yet?? It seems not...


Currently, if you change a scheduled transaction, the future instances of it are modified accordingly as well.

@Philip - we've decided we'll do a major rework in the Scheduled section and it will probably all come at once, so it's not done yet. We're soon releasing a rather big update with fixes & improvements related to online banking, investment accounts and sync, and after that we'll be focused on new features and re-doing existing features such as the Scheduled transactions section.

Thanks, it's on our to-do list. We wanted to release it in 2.0.0 but didn't have the time to. It will come in a future update.

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