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Hi! Love the app! I just set up an account with syncbits to transfer my data from an iPhone 4s to my new android device. That worked well, but now I would rather keep my data on my phone (not use syncbits going forward for storing my data) and delete my syncbits account. Is there a way to do that? Thanks!

Just log out of syncbits and it will no longer synchronise. Easy!

Hello guys,

Signing out from SYNCbits will stop syncing but it'll also hide the data - this is because your data is protected with your password so when you sign out, it is hidden.

To convert your MoneyWiz 1 database to a local one, please contact us. In MoneyWiz 2, you can de-sync your database yourself (on Mac, hold ⎇ alt when clicking on SYNCbits menu and choose De-sync from Force sync; on iOS, go to Settings -> SYNCbits and tap 10 times on "You are signed in as" and choose De-sync from menu that appears).

De-synced database will no longer connect to any online server.

How do I replace my trial data on SyncBits

John, you can email our support and request your SYNCbits account to be deleted so you can set up a new one with real data...

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