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Scheduled payments in budgets

Is it possible to see scheduled payments in current budget before the payment day?.

I consider it very useful because that way I can control the available funds of the months considering the payments I should do but I haven´t done yet.


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Hello Gerardo,

Pending transactions (red flag on the left instead of a green one) are included in budgets but Scheduled transactions are not - unless you pay them early.

However, you can generate a Custom report by Budgets and set it to Include Scheduled transactions. You can generate it for a dynamic period (like "This Month") and save it locally so you can quickly access it next time from Reports section ("This Month" will always mean the current month, regardless when the report is generated or when was it saved). You'll be able to see your budget balances including Scheduled transactions!

This feature is marked as implemented but it's not really implemented.

For me this is also a must have feature, the "workaround" of create a report is useless.

Please reconsider to make this work like Gerardo proposed, it's more natural and easy to user to control the budgets.


Thank you for pointing out the feature status! Indeed, it wasn't suitable. I've adjusted it now and we'll monitor this feature for additional votes as well as discuss this internally.

I would love to see this feature added as well as it gives a better overview of how much to spend in a month. 

Right now, I have to keep track of all scheduled transactions in my head to ensure I am sticking to my budgets!

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