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Allow selection of multiple categories on transaction import

It would be helpful if I could select more than one category on transaction import.  I don't necessarily want to identify the splits at that point, but would be ok if that option were available. What I do now is if I have a transaction import that I know will need multiple categories, I don't identify the category on import.  

What happens if you identify the category on import? 

When I select a category the category selection window automatically closes.  There's no opportunity to select more than one category.  I'm using MoneyWiz 2.0.3 build 15 on Mac OS 10.10.2.


I'll note your feature request on this but it'd be a major change. We'd need to ask you to specify the splits at the time, otherwise we'd need to make that decision for you. Due to the structure of the data, we need to allocate the split amounts in order to save them to the database.

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