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Focus when starting a new transaction

This pertains to OS X and Moenywhiz (latest version)  When I go to start a new transaction, I should be able to start typing, but it wont let me.  I have to click on the transaction box to get started.  This should focus without a click.  I also notice this happens on the password screen, I need to click the window for it to focus before I can type.

Its not a serious issue, but it would make it nice for entering data quicker.

Hello Markos, 

Thank you for pointing this out. 

What is the first field that is selected when you start creating a transaction in MoneyWiz? 

About the password - do you mean the PIN when the app start? 

The dollar amount is the first field that is highlighted, but I can't type till I click it.  The PIN yes, I call it a password as well.

Also with the PIN, it's not in focus if MoneyWiz locks itself out and you click to reopen it.  The PIN is in focus if the app is closed and you open it.

Hi Markos, 

Please send me a screenshot and let me know what version number you show in MoneyWiz > About MoneyWiz. 

On my end the Account is always the first field that is in focus and I can open the popup with Space to choose the account. Then I can Esc to leave the popup and move to Amount with Tab. Isn't this how it is on your end? 

2.0.3 build 15.

It is setup with the Account First.  When I click to start a new transaction it opens the dialog, I pressed esc, space, and other keys to get it going but the dialog is not selected.  I need to manually click it to start typing.  I don't remember needing to do this in v 1.  I could click new transaction and start typing.

I am still not quite getting there, sorry. 

When I start entering a transaction I see this: 

The focus is on the account field, with Space I can open the popover and unselect C and select another account with the arrows and space again. When I am ready with the account selection I press Esc to close the popup and then hit Tab to move to Amount, and start typing the amount etc. 

I am not focused at all, I have to move the mouse to click the dialog.  Usually the account is set and the Amount section is highlighted, that is where I want to start anyways, I rarely need to use more than one account.  

This could be an option in another update, lets us choose what to focus, but let's first get this fixed.

Also, I turned off the description in the settings, I don't know if this makes a difference, I don't have the default setup for this dialog.

Thanks for working on this.

How do you invoke the new transaction window? Can you take a screenshot right after the form open and attach it here? 

I use the + button.

As you can see, the  selection over, the amount is gray, my highlight color is red... It changes to red when I click the dialog.  

:-( unfortunately something happened to the image and it is as if not there. Please e-mail it to with this link in the body of the e-mail:  Thanks. 

I can see it from my end.  I will send an email nonetheless.  

Hi Markos, 

Thank you very much. I managed to reproduce the issue with your Transaction Layout setup in 2.0.3 

The issue is not present in MoneyWiz 2.0.4 that is expected later this week. 

Sounds great. Looking forward to that update! Thank you for your assistance.