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Budgeting Scheduled Payments

Can we have more than one category without it being a split payment? For example, I'd like to have one category identifying the cost (e.g. Mobile Phone) and one identifying the type (e.g. Direct Debit). By doing this I can allocate a budgetary amount for Mobile Phone costs and for Direct Debits in total.

Hi John, 

Nope that is not really possible. In a future update when we add Tags functionality which will allow you to identify the Direct Debits, but not to have a budget monitor it. Tagging is most likely coming in MoneyWiz 2.1 later this year. 

Hi Asen Selanovski, it is possible, nothing is impossible .The only thing is you have to allow a category in transfer like in your loan transfer.The YNAB program also doing the same thing

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