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Calculator and sync problem

The calculator still does not work as expected, even with the last update. For some reason, sometimes it does wrong sums or subtractions. I am facing problems also in sync with other devices. It is not common, but for no apparent reason two transactions made on different days were not synchronized. I fixed this by editing the transaction amount and returning to the original.

Hello Daniel, 

Can you make a video showing what's wrong with the calculator, or explain the exact steps we need to perform to reproduce the issue? 

About the transactions, when did this happen, when have you created the transactions , were you online then? I presume that it could be due to a server restart or something, sometime it could happen, but the sync will restore automatically and in rare cases you can use force sync. 

Hello Asen, thanks for the support and sorry for my English. I recorded a video reproducing the bug. It seems that it occurs when editing a transaction that contains a decimal value. About the transaction, it happened only twice. Even the Moneywiz updated on both devices (I looked at the date and time synchronization), only this transaction did not appear on all devices. And if I add a new transaction, this would be visible on both devices, but not the old problematic transaction, which creates a balance difference between the devices.
To reproduce the bug you need change the system language to Portuguese (Brazil). I imagine that the error can be related to the fact that in the Portuguese language, the comma is used as decimal separator, different from the American system that uses point
When I recorded a video on my phone there's no sound how do I make sound work? It's only worked 2 times since I got the iPhone 6+?

Reproduced and logged to the developers, thank you about noting the Portuguese (Brazil) thing, indeed this seems Regional Settings related, and the issue does not happen in English for instance. You can expect this to be resolved in MoneyWiz 2.0.5 coming in May. 

@blake Oh, Daniel might be better in answering this, I have no clue how that works (yet) as I do not have the 6 yet.