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Real balance

Since several years, i wrote i'am looking for a real balance same i had in MS Money. You said: it will be done in a future update, but unfortunaly it's not the case yet. Have you a target day for that? When it will be done, your software will be perfect.

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Do you mean a Cashflow Forecast  based on your historical data? 

No. I look for reconcile my operations listed on the bank statment and these i have writen on Moneywiz.

I had this feature in Microsoft Money, and it is the last thing missing in Moneywiz to be perfect.

In Moneywiz there is a reconcile capacity but not a state of balances of operations on each account. It's very important to know exactly how much you have on an account after you have reconciled the operation read on your bank statment.

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I agree. I am a longstanding Pocket Money user who has already purchased MoneyWiz for iOS & Mac. I cannot transition from Pocket Money to MoneyWiz, however, until proper Reconciliation (against a specific ending balance) has been setup. I have been waiting patiently since last October for SilverWiz to add this feature to MoneyWiz. Please do this!!!

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I really do agree.   Good facility for reconciliation was promised in v2 and then in March.   We are nearly in April.   Where is the new facility Moneywiz?

Hi all,

Greatly improved reconcile mode is on our to-do list and we will implement it. We cannot say when yet, unfortunately but it is definitely high on our to-do list!

Very disappointing. At the risk of repetition it was mentioned as being in v2 at the end of last year! Now a proper reconcile system is just "high on our to do list". Thoughts of being kicked into the long grass come to mind Moneywiz cannot be taken as a serious contender until it has one of the most useful useful features is included. Please Moneywiz keep to your promises about the timing of programme features !!!

Old post, but I'll chime in. Money wiz 1 had a way to exclude unreconciled transactions from the running account balance. Let me know if I'm off base with this, but why can't I do this in V2??

Phil, MoneyWiz 1 did not have a way to exclude unreconciled transactions from the account balance, only the pending transactions (which are not the same feature in MoneyWiz).

To exclude pending transactions from the account balance, please tap/click on the balance button at the bottom to add or remove the red flag from there (red flag represents pending transaction).

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I would like to compare bank balance and running balance. I am quicken user switching to moneywiz, can't figure out if we can.

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Hi Tomoko,

In MoneyWiz 2.1 for Mac we have implemented an Advanced reconcile feature. But it's currently available on Mac only.



I am a bit surprised this feature is tagged as "IMPLEMENTED" while I still can't display the real balance of my reconciled transactions on MoneyWiz.

I don't care about the green/red flag, I just want to check my balance is the same as the one on my bank account (which is the one of the reconciled transactions) like I was able to do on Squirrel (I just migrated from it)

Thanks in advance


Perhaps what you're missing is Running balance feature? Please go to MoneyWiz Preferences -> General -> Show running balance. Is this what you need?

If you see "-" instead of amounts, it means that the transaction is pending while you've set to display cleared balance only - either clear the transaction or click on the balance box at the bottom to change which balance is displayed.

Hello Pawer,

thanks for your answer.

Since I'm not english native my apologies if I'm not clear enough.

The only thing the option "Preferences -> General -> Show running balance" is doing is to display a new column with the list view. It is not what I need because :

  1. I have to use the spreadsheet view to have my "reconcile" checkboxes, and that view has already a balance column.
  2. And on these 2 views this is not the real reconciled balance which because if one of the previous transaction is not reconciled the balance is not impacted


I would like to be able to see wherever in the application (on the account list on the left, on the account balance at the bottom of each view, on the balance column, ...) this "reconciled" balance like it was the case in Squirrel :


translation : "Display in the accounts list :"

  1. current balance
  2. future balance
  3. reconciled balance
  4. don't display balance

The only workaround I have found today is to manually tag as "pending" (red flag) all non-reconciled transactions to be able to see the correct balance (and tag them back "green flag" when they become reconciled). not really useful for me.


Ah, I think I see what you mean. MoneyWiz does not currently have a Reconciled Balance view but it is available during reconcile mode - have you seen this guide? It describes how you can use Advanced Reconcile feature on Mac/Windows to reconcile your accounts - and that displays reconciled balance too. It's just that this view is not available outside of Advanced Reconcile:

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